Condition & Dilapidation Surveys

If your lifts are causing problems there may be any number of reasons why. Lack of maintenance, change of use or just plain old age – all possible causes; but how can you correctly diagnose the problem and apply the right solution?

The Gerald Honey Partnership lift consultancy understands the world of lift, escalator and suspended access systems, from top to bottom and back up again. Our lift survey reports accurately provide you with the whole picture, explaining in detail the important key areas and can be designed to suit your individual requirements.

Our Condition & Dilapidation Surveys service includes:

General condition of equipment

Compliance with statutory codes, Health & Safety legislation, British Standards and good working practice. In accordance with The British Standards Institution

Maintenance standards and visual defects

The Equality Act compliance (formerly – Disability Discrimination Act)

Life expectancy of the installed equipment

Recommended upgrade or alternative solutions

Verification of contractors’ quotations – providing alternative suggestions if appropriate

Programme of works

“With clear product and installation knowledge, Gerald Honey Partnerships help throughout the process of replacing our ageing lift system was invaluable. They were always available and swift to assist with any issues that cropped up throughout the planning and completion of the installation. Couldn’t have done it without him.”

Project Manager, Housing 21