Refurbishment & Upgrade

Making improvements

Where existing lift systems have come to the end of their operational life, lift modernisation and refurbishment is almost always more economical than replacement.

The Gerald Honey Partnership are the lift consultancy experts for evaluating and advising you on the best course of action around refurbishment and upgrades. Our consultancy covers all aspects including:

  • Safety improvements – ensuring your compliance to Health and Safety legislation covering lift, escalator and suspended access systems. CDM Co-Ordination.
  • Regulatory compliance – such as the Equality Act 2012
  • Reliability improvements – reducing breakdowns and repair times
  • Traffic handling improvements – to achieve better lift efficiency
  • Ride performance – making lift journeys more comfortable for the passenger
  • Aesthetic renovation – improving and updating overall lift appearance
  • Energy efficiency – improvements that reduce energy consumption
  • Feasibility Study – Ensuring the best upgrade scheme for your requirements
  • BREEAM Compliancy. Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method

We understand the issues that lift refurbishment and upgrade work can create. Such as; unknown conditions at tender stage, clients or tenants being inconvenienced, site noise and lack of cost control. With our experience in carefully specifying and project management, any potential disruption is kept to a minimum.